My Favorite Sites for Finding Cheap Flights

I’m all about finding a good deal, especially on flights. This year, I made it my New Year’s resolution to travel more and so far I think we’ve been doing a great job. From Punta Cana to Bora Bora, LA, Miami, Mexico City and the list goes on. I am always on the lookout for cheap flights and I don’t hesitate to book a trip if there’s a good deal. Here are my favorite places to visit when looking for cheap travel deals.

Google Flights– This is the first place I go when I am looking at trips and specific dates. I love using google flights because you can enter your location and leave the destination open ended and just browse around the globe for prices. It also shows you when it’s cheaper to fly and how you should move around your dates (if flexible) to get the best deals. FYI- this does not include Southwest flights.

Scott’s Cheap Flights– Sign up for his newsletter and never regret it! Scott sends out an email every time there are travel deals for international flights only. It gives you a list of which airports you need to flight out of, the average cost, dates and the airlines. He also includes a screenshot from an airline so you can see you can actually get that deal. The tricky part about this is that you never know when you’ll get the email and what time. You have to act quick because sometimes the deals last a couple of hours!

The Points Guy– Follow him on Facebook! He’s always posting about travel deals and travel related articles that are so informative and helpful! He features different hotels and travel destinations to inspire your next adventure! His website is also very easy to read and it includes reviews and guides.

Hopper App– I find this app super useful, although it does not include Delta deals. If you’re a skymiles member and/or Delta Amex cardholder like me, this might be a bummer but I still recommend it. Hopper lets you add various trips (where you want to fly from and the destination as well as which dates) to a watch list. The app then gives you an idea if the price of the flight will increase or decrease in the future. If it recommends that you wait, you can add it to a watch list and the app alerts you whenever there’s a deal for your specific trip you are watching. This too is like Scott’s Cheap Flights where you have to act fast!

Hope this helps! Do you have any sites you use to find cheap travel? Leave me a comment below!


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