Workout Wednesday: Gym and Tonic

I have a love-hate relationship with working out. I workout to stay active and healthy and obviously to feel comfortable with the way I look. When I moved to Raleigh to live with Logan (2 years ago), I gained 10 lbs. which doesn’t sound like a lot but it is for my small frame. When we moved back to Atlanta, I made it a goal to lose the weight and look my best for our wedding. I would work out every single day and dieted for a couple of months. I lost 15 lbs and had never been happier. Logan and I still try to maintain an active lifestyle and workout together.

Six weeks ago we started the Bikini Body Guide program together. We did the 4 weeks of pre workout circuits and this week we start week 3 of the actual BBG plan. It’s the hardest 28 minutes of my day but totally worth it! It definitely helps to have a partner that pushes you to work out when you’re not feeling it.

Because we workout so often, I always have to buy so many workout clothes to get me through the days. Everything I own is Lululemon, but recently I started shopping at Forever 21 for workout clothes. I was skeptical at first but decided to go in store (very rare for me) to check out the material and try things on. I was pleasantly surprised with all the cute options and the material! Instead of paying $100 for a pair of Lulu leggings, I can get 5 for that price at Forever 21! Below is a gym look I put together from Forever 21 (minus the yeezy’s!). Leggings + Top + Sports Bra total up to less than $50!

Have any of y’all tried BBG?


Shoes: Yeezy’s (Adidas); Leggings: Forever21 (similar); Top: Forever21; Sports Bra: Forever21 (similar); Sunnies: Le Specs


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3 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Gym and Tonic

  1. Love your post! Do you have any tips for starting up a diet and any meal suggestions? I have a tiny frame as well and have been eating terribly lately! It’s hard to get back into eating healthy

    1. Thanks girl! I’m currently the worst at eating healthy. But once you have a goal in mind it really helps! I knew I wanted to look my best for my wedding and it was nice having my now husband to eat healthy with me. I basically cut everything out and wouldn’t drink during the week. When I drank I would only do vodka water- yuck! I also stuck to hard boiled eggs for breakfast- only the egg whites. And was eating chicken, salmon and veggies! I really recommend the skinnytaste book and her online blog! She has such good recipes! I love pizza and pasta and dairy so it was definitely a struggle. After getting used to the lifestyle change I just felt so much better and didn’t really crave bad food bc it would make me feel sick. I briefly browsed through the BBG cookbook and it looked so good! Hope this sorta helps!

      1. This is so helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to respond! You look amazing xo

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