My Favorite Websites to Book Hotel Deals

My husband and I love to travel and I am always on the lookout for the best deals. I am super picky when booking hotel rooms especially outside of the country. My priority is always for the room to be super clean and in an excellent location. We mostly like to stay in 4-5 star hotels, so I always try to find the best price so I can be comfortable throughout my vacation. Below are my three favorite sites for booking hotel rooms.

I came across this site earlier this year and I absolutely love it. You can search a specific hotel or just search a destination and filter out what you want/don’t want. Once you book five times with them, you enter their program and can unlock more offers and get freebies. They also have Daily Deals that are totally worth the price! We have contacted their customer service team before since we had a flight delay and couldn’t make it to our hotel and they were incredibly helpful and always communicating with us. I strongly recommend this site to book your next hotel room!

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This is the absolute best site for booking last minute hotels (1-2 days before your stay). The hotels give this site their unsold rooms and hoteltonight offers them to their customers at a heavily discounted rate. This is all done through their app and it’s super simple to use! One of their many amazing features is a 24/7 concierge through the app. You can ask them anything from wanting more toiletries in your room to asking for recommendations on a restaurant for dinner or the hottest rooftop bars around you! I used this on my last trip to Miami and asked for some recommendations on bars and they responded right away with awesome suggestions! I believe they give a discount for first time users.

While this is a more well-known site to book hotels, I feel like people don’t use it as much and don’t appreciate it like I do! If you’ve never used Hotwire before, the way they work is they offer you a hotel room at a discounted rate but the catch is that you can’t know what hotel it is until you pay for it. You can apply their filters for amenities, location, star rating, etc. and can help you narrow down your options. I honestly love it because I like the surprise at the end! We have used this website numerous times and have never been disappointed. My husband and I always like to take guesses on what the hotel will be and cross-reference on other sites to hopefully narrow down our guesses. Since they provide you the actual cost, star rating and area it’s located in, we normally just go to orbitz and do the same search and apply all the filters we have done on Hotwire as well as add the amenities it says the hotel offers. Most of the time we can guess what the hotel will be and it’s not much of a surprise 🙂

What websites do you guys use to book your hotel when traveling?

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  1. Ahhh another Georgia blogger!! Love your post, and I’ll definitely be using Hotwire next time I decide to go out of town 😀😀

  2. Great to hear firsthand that these travel sites work! Being bombarded with ads and commericals by these companies always make me skeptical about their success

  3. Is that the maldives in the photo? I would LOVE to go there, maybe i can find a cheap ticket one day cause thats a LONG flight! xoxo

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