Reasons Why a Destination Wedding is the Best Decision You’ll Make

My husband and I got married earlier this year in Punta Cana and we absolutely loved it! We definitely recommend it to everyone and if you haven’t considered it maybe this will help. While, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea to do a destination wedding; here are the many benefits of having one-

Budget Friendly and Easy to Plan– You can find sooooo many budget friendly wedding packages when having a destination wedding especially when it’s in an all-inclusive resort! Most packages have preset costs based on the number of guests attending and are totally customizable. Not only do you and your spouse get special offers for having a wedding at the resort but your guests can also benefit from these specials. Which on the other hand, makes it so much easier to plan a wedding when you can narrow down the options through a package and stress free!

Cut Down the Guest List- Want to have an intimate wedding but feel bad not inviting people? Another benefit of a destination wedding is having an excuse to keep the guest list small. Even if you do invite more people than wanted, less people are willing to go since they have to spend money to travel somewhere. Personally, the smaller the better because you don’t have to worry about whether or not everyone is having fun. It’s also easier to plan group activities. But don’t get me wrong, a destination wedding is also good for many guests! My friend also got married in Punta Cana and had 150 guests and I can reassure you that we ALL had a great time!

Save on Décor-  I feel like having a destination wedding allows you to save money on décor because the location can be more than enough! We got married in Punta Cana and everywhere was beautiful no matter where you looked! We had really simple décor like candles, greenery, babies breath and the setting made it all come together. Whether you’re on the beach or a garden, it is sure to be beautiful enough that you just need some small accents and details.

Amazing Photo Opps- As I mentioned above that the scenery for a destination wedding is always breathtaking, it brings me to my next point- the photos. You are guaranteed drop dead gorgeous photos by picking a destination wedding J Well, I don’t know how I can prove this BUT my photos turned out amazing. Every time I see photos from a destination wedding, they’re always so unique and BEAUTIFUL! There are so many opportunities for gorgeous photos when being in a foreign location.

Vacation > One Day Party- Weddings always fly by and are gone before you know it! You look back the next day and you’re like “I wish I could relive this moment!” Another pro of having a wedding elsewhere is that it’s more than just one day of celebrating with your loved ones but it also turns into a full vacation and numerous nights of fun! I had such a blast getting to hang out with everyone before and after the wedding and it just made me more relaxed.

Mutual Ground- Picking a unique destination for a wedding also helps you avoid drama if both the bride and groom are from different places. You won’t have to pick a hometown and make one half of the family travel. Instead, just pick a different location no one has ties to and where you can bring all families together to make memories.

Two Honeymoons- If you’re as lucky as me, you essentially get to have two honeymoons and have the best of both worlds! We traveled to our wedding destination for five days and a month later we went on our dream honeymoon to Bora Bora! It was nice to break it up because it gave us something else to look forward to. Also, I got a mini vacation with my closest family and friends and later enjoyed my time with my new husband!

I love everything about weddings so feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions about it! Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning!



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