5 Tips To Help You Get Accepted To RewardStyle

Starting a blog was definitely outside of my comfort zone. I’m always worried about what people will think of me or if they’re screenshotting my photos and talking about me. To be honest, I kept my IG private for a while to try to avoid judgement. My husband is always the one building my confidence and telling me that people will judge no matter what so why not pursue your passion. It really took a lot to get myself out there, post daily and go take pictures all over Atlanta. While it might seem like I LOVE photos, I actually hate them! I always have to shoot early on the weekends because I get so embarrassed whenever people pass by and I’m posing. Also, I am super awkward and have no idea how to pose! My husband is always the one directing my photos and trying to get me to loosen up and have fun. In the 2 months of blogging, I’ve learned so much, my husband and I have grown closer together and I’ve started to meet a lot of people.

So what does this have to do with RewardStyle? My first goal once I became a blogger was to be accepted into the RewardStyle program. I had no idea it was exclusive and you just couldn’t fill out a form and get accepted. I mean all these bloggers I’ve been following for years are major girl bosses and kick ass! They’re working so hard and I truly admire them. I really wanted to get accepted into RewardStyle because I wanted to make it easier for my followers to shop my looks and while I have a full time job and don’t rely on blogging as my source of income, the commission is an added plus.


What is RewardStyle?

RewardStyle is an invitation only affiliate network that focuses primarily on fashion bloggers. Liketoknow.it, the app/program that let’s you shop blogger’s looks by liking their photo or taking a screenshot, is part of RewardStyle. RewardStyle makes it easy for others to shop the looks that they like and allows bloggers to earn commission whenever people purchase those products they’re linking to.

Before applying, I did some research online on people getting accepted into the program or even getting denied and I was intimidated! Some bloggers shared their stories how they got denied and had to wait months to reapply so I was honestly anticipating to be denied my first time around. (I know, I know- I’m not always optimistic and just expecting the worst) They recommend that you blog consistently for four months before applying but I was too impatient! After building up my content for a month and a half and feeling more confident about my blog, I decided to reach out to a blogger friend of mine for a referral link and apply. If you’re thinking about joining, I hope the following tips are helpful!

Five Tips to Get Accepted to RewardStyle

Consistency- You have to be an active blogger and be truly dedicated. I recommend posting content on your blog 3-5 times a week and at least once a day on Instagram (even better if it’s 2-3 times a day).

Engagement goes both ways– The number of followers isn’t super important (I have 1,600 on IG) but engagement is key! I normally get above 10% engagement rate on my posts, which is pretty good. That means at least 10% of my followers are liking my posts and commenting as well. I’ve seen so many bloggers with thousands of followers and then I look at their likes and comments and the ratio is super low. There have been various articles around the power of micro-influencers and how brands see the value in working with them because of their engaged following, so don’t be discouraged! It’s also equally important to engage with your followers and respond back when they comment on your post.

Quality Content- While it’s important to post consistently, it’s equally important to post quality content. Don’t just post because you haven’t posted in a while. I’m not saying everything has to be shot on a DSLR, but just make sure your photos are clear and high quality. We use a Nikon to shoot all the images on my blog and I try to say away from filters. I use the RAW files and play around with the lighting and that’s about it.

Link to products– Since RewardStyle is an affiliate program and you get commission when people purchase a product, it’s important to be linking to the right items. In all my blog posts, I link to every single thing I am wearing so people can purchase the exact item if they like it. Try to stay away from linking to “similar” items- people dig your style and want to buy exactly what you’re wearing! I’m always disappointed when I love an item on a blogger and it’s either not linked or it’s not the exact same product. I know sometimes we have items in our closet that are our favorites and super old and we can’t link to every single thing, but just something to keep in mind.

Quick funny story on why it’s important to link to everything- My first RewardStyle commission was $11 on a table that was $170! LOL Logan and I thought it was so funny that I’m promoting my style and the first item someone buys is something that was in the background. So moral of the story, link to everything! You never know if someone is eyeing those cute champagne glasses on your bar cart or that tray that’s on your living room table.

Research and Network– I did a lot of research before applying. I looked for blog posts like this one that I am writing on tips on how to get accepted. I also took a step back and listed my top ten bloggers I like to follow and really looked at their Instagram feed and site. I wanted to use it as a source of inspiration. Why do I follow them? What do I like/don’t like about their site? What do they talk about in their captions? How are they posing? Etc. It’s also important to support one another and network. Living in Atlanta, there’s so many bloggers that are killing it! I searched relevant hashtags and followed all the ones that interested me. I made sure that I engaged with their content and sent them messages if I liked something on their Instagram stories. Shoutout to my girl, Lo Chandler, who was open to giving me tips and giving me a referral link to RewardStyle. I’m all about supporting each other and sharing tips in how we can all be successful. After all, we all have super different styles and in my eyes I’m not competing with anyone!

I hope you guys found this helpful and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

I wanted to give a special shoutout to my photographer Katie, who shot all these photos (she gave my husband a break last weekend). She’s a complete girl boss and super sweet. If you’re in Atlanta you should totally contact her! Visit her site here.


Boots: Tory Burch (sold out); Overalls: Free People; Top: Free People; Earrings: Lisi Lerch; Bag: Hide and Hunter; Sunnies: Ray Ban


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16 thoughts on “5 Tips To Help You Get Accepted To RewardStyle

  1. Yay, I really love helpful posts. As a new blogger, these are great tips. I also work a full time job aside from blogging and I took a big leap deciding to start my blog. It’s so hard to get discouraged in the beginning but reading things like this are what makes me want to keep going. I love your blog by the way, super cute 💌

    1. Thanks girl! It’s definitely easy to get discouraged when you see all these other bloggers with a large following and so successful but you just gotta tell yourself it all takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Glad these tips were helpful, good luck!

  2. VERY valuable feedback about RS, Adabelle! I laughed when you said you’re awkward at poses because that is SOOO me, haha! I also get weirded out when I’m taking pictures and someone is walking by. I’m learning little by little to relax and not worry so much about judgment from others.

    I found your article through the SS Facebook Group page so thanks for sharing. I think I applied to RS a second time (it was ages ago when I first applied) and got denied. I was bummed that I didn’t get any feedback so I could improve. I think my content is great quality. Maybe it’s my pictures? I can’t afford a camera right now so I’m working with what I’ve got: my iPhone, lol!

    Thanks again for being real and genuine!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you found it helpful. Before I applied i tried searching for posts like these and only found a few to read so I thought I would return the favor. RS is such a mystery and I don’t think anyone knows the exact recipe to be accepted. I think your blog looks great and your feed is awesome and so cohesive! I think you can work on growing your engagement and following and maybe doing more outfit posts on IG? I normally post twice a day 6 out of 7 days a week. I know it’s a lot of work and commitment :-/ But don’t be discouraged! I think we all have something to work on and want to improve. I am still struggling with increasing traffic to my blog and growing my IG following. I just gotta keep trying something new and be more patient. Good luck!

  3. Great tips girl, I just started my blog as well and I’ve been thinking if I should apply by now. My engagement is also about 10%, do you mind checking my Instagram page/Blog and tell me what you think? Thank you so much!

  4. I’m also wondering if I should apply since I’ve been posting for companies as an influencer. If you have any free time, would you mind checking my instagram and letting me know of any tips you may have? @alyssa_kallies10

    1. Hey girl! There’s no specific formula and nothing is really public. Just do you and focus on your audience and engagement. Good luck!

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