The Most Instagram-worthy Walls in Atlanta

I know I’m not alone when I say I live for a good mural and a photo opp! I’m always looking for the best walls to add some brightness to my Instagram photos. Whenever someone posts a fun wall, I’m the first to ask where it is! I love it when people are nice and share the location while others try to keep the location to themselves and just respond with “Atlanta” or whatever city you’re in. I thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorite walls around the city of Atlanta, we have so much to offer and the options are endless!


Colorful wall off Krog Street


Walls behind the Krog Street tunnel by Cabbagetown


Greg Mike Garage Door at the corner of Krog Street


Wall of colorful spots at the end/beginning of the belt line by Piedmont park under the bridge


Next to the colorful mural off Krog Street


On the corner of Bass and Reed by Turner Field


Greg Mike Mural on the corner of 10th and Howell Mill. Outfit details here.


Abstract Colorful wall off 10th St. (after you cross over Howell Mill away from Tech) Outfit details here.


Disco Ball behind the art supplies store by Disco Kroger. Outfit details here.


39 Georgia Ave SE by Turner Field


Greg Mike mural off Krog Street


Wall at Shops of Buckhead. Outfit details here.


“Atlanta” part of the Atlanta Humane Society sign on 10th and Howell Mill (across from the Greg Mike mural) Outfit details here.


Greg Mike mural off of 85 North, off 4th St. close to the Olympic torch. Outfit details here.

Hope I was able to introduce some new walls to you! Our Atlanta artists are so talented 🙂 Let me know which are your favorites!



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