Abercrombie Bomber Jacket


Jeans: Abercrombie (similar); Jacket: Abercrombie; Top: Private Party; Booties: Lucky Brand; Bag: Louis Vuitton; Sunnies: Ray Ban

Props to Abercrombie for making a comeback, y’all! I really thought they were going to go out of business a few years back but they’ve come a LONG way! I remember in 8th grade and through high school, Abercrombie was the bomb. Seriously, I only had Abercrombie clothes in my closet it was an obsession. And then with time it faded out and that annoying moose logo was a tad too much. I started shopping there earlier this year and I am SUPER impressed, like complete makeover. It’s like I don’t even know you, Abercrombie! I’m not complaining though. I mean their denim is the bomb dot com. It’s SUCH good quality, it has a nice stretch and the prices are not bad at all. I used to only wear Joe’s Jeans and 7’s but now all I wear is Abercrombie. The jeans I’m wearing here are currently sold out, but I’ll let you know when they’re back in stock. I linked to super similar ones. This bomber jacket is ALSO another great find from Abercrombie. I was able to get it half off (such a good deal!) over Labor Day and it’s currently on sale now! Again, I am in love with this jacket! It’s pretty puffy and not thin so it’s perfect for layering in the winter and fall. My Louis Vuitton is actually my mom’s from 21 years ago, super vintage but such a classic. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! Tuesday was not a great day for me but I’m being optimistic that things will turn back around. Stay positive, y’all!


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