Smile Brilliant Review 2017

I am so excited I finally get to share this post with you all! I was so happy to be asked to collaborate with Smile Brilliant and test out their DIY Teeth Whitening Kit. I’ve used it 6 times already and I wanted to share my results and experience with you all. I’m happy to say that I can totally notice a difference and I will be showing off my pearly whites in photos more often 🙂 And if you make it to the end of this blog post, there’s a nice giveaway to enter!

To start off, I have tried other DIY teeth whitening kits and haven’t been super pleased. My teeth are sensitive and I always had some pain while trying them out and gave up. What I really liked about Smile Brilliant is that it comes with a desensitizing gel that helps with sensitivity. After my first time of using it, I noticed a difference in sensitivity the second time around.

What’s included?


As you can see the kit includes some molding clay so you can create your teeth impressions at home. I thought this was really unique vs. putting plastic in hot water and hoping to make the impressions right after. It also comes with Desensitizing Gels and Teeth Whitening Gels.



I love how the kit came with really clear instructions that were easy to understand. The first step was to make your impressions with the molding clay and then mail them in to Smile Brilliant. Smile Brilliant sends you a prepaid envelope so you don’t have to pay for shipping when sending your impressions to the lab. I thought this was super professional! After I sent them in, I got an email saying they received them and also another email when they were being sent back to me. Once I received my plastic teeth impressions I was ready to get started! I did this at night around 9 pm after I was done eating and knew I wasn’t going to have any food and drinks. The first time whitening your teeth it is recommended to do it for 45 mins and after that you can go up to 3 hours. To be honest, I did 45 minutes to an hour every time, as I thought that was sufficient. After that, I did the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes, which I strongly recommend. I whitened my teeth every other day but you should do it as needed. This is a super brief explanation of the process but there’s much more detail in the kit!


Like I said, I was extremely pleased with the results and experience. Below are my before and after photos to compare. I will definitely continue using this product as needed and I recommend it if you’re looking for a DIY Teeth Whitening Kit. Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience or process.




Smile Brilliant is giving away one of their kits to one of my lucky readers (valued at $139). Enter the giveaway hereUPDATE: Giveaway has close and Kathryn Wright was the winner. Thanks for entering!

You can also get $15 off your purchase of any tray set with the coupon code: thedailybelle15

Thanks to Smile Brilliant for sending me their product for free and being a partner. As always, all opinions are my own.


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