Day 1: Paris Travel Diary

DSC_0118So we’re here! Finally 🙂 As some of you know, Logan and I came to Paris last year in May and we had such a great time even though we had rainy days and there was some flooding. That never stops us from having a good time! I found some great deals on flights and just booked it without consulting with Logan. My new years’ resolution was to travel more and we keep on checking things off the list!

The first day in Paris is always the hardest. You’re on a long overnight flight and when you land you have a full day ahead of you. Most of the time you’re up for over 24 hours but try to make the best of it. We got to our hotel around 10 am and wen straight to have some breakfast. We went to Cafe de Flore, which I wanted to try out last time. It’s an all time favorite of Kim Kardashian and sometimes you can casually spot other celebs like Gigi and Bella Hadid. Well the food was SO yummy and we got to sit in the terrace like true Parisians. We walked around the rest of the day and went to check out Zara at Champs Elysees aka my favorite place ever. We finally took a break around 2 pm and snuck in a little nap.

I got dressed and changed into outfit number two and was ready to do more walking and take some photos for my blog! No matter how many times you see the Eiffel Tower in person it’s always so breathtaking. I just LOVE everything about Paris. I honestly would love to move here for a few years and raise kids and have them be trilingual. The culture and architecture just don’t compare to anywhere else. I love seeing everyone at the park by the Eiffel Tower and just enjoying each other’s company while munching on a baguette and sipping on some Bordeaux.


We grabbed some drinks and dinner nearby and got to do some people watching afterwards. Later at night we made our way back to the Eiffel Tower to see its sparkling beauty and wanted to go to the top to sip on some champagne. Unfortunately, they shut it down unexpectedly since someone was climbing to the top of the tower and the SWAT team and Fire Department had to get involved. Pretty eventful! Hoping to make our way back tonight. Looking forward to exploring some of our favorite parts of town and making the best of our time here. Xoxo



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