Day 2: Paris Travel Diary


I can get used to this view! I’m obsessing over our cute hotel. We stayed here last year so we decided to come back again. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I plan on doing a wrap up post on all things Paris and I will go into talking about the hotel and location and our favorite restaurants. I just love all the little terraces and balconies in Paris, it’s all so cute with amazing views. Day 2 we got started a little late due to jet lag. We headed over to Le Louvre for some photos and it was super crowded. I am so glad we checked it out last time we were here since the line was so long and there were so many tourists!


We’ve noticed the increased security around Paris and how much it has changed in less than a year and a half. It’s so sad that’s the world we live in but I definitely feel protected around here. There’s police everywhere and the large monuments have increased security and added new barriers and security checkpoints.

Next we made our way over to Notre Dame and did some walking around. The restaurant we were checking out for lunch was around there and that little area is so cute. My client recommended this place that was so hidden! It’s an old house and it was super tricky to get into. We literally circled the place for 15 mins until we could find the entrance. It was so worth it though!


After that we did some walking around and shopped nearby. Again, I went to Zara and found so many other good finds! I just love that store. The one in Atlanta sucks and there’s so much variety here! We later walked back since we had a champagne tour on La Seine later that evening. We made it back for a quick outfit change and headed down by the Eiffel Tower.

We totally loved the champagne tasting! It was actually the same guy that did our wine tasting last time we were here. Such a small world! We totally love him and he’s super knowledgeable of all things wine and champagne. We finished off the evening with dinner and walking around the Eiffel Tower at night and admiring its beauty when it’s lit up.

Well now we’re off to Versailles on Day 3! Last year we had tickets and couldn’t figure out the metro so we missed out. Let’s hope round 2 we make it there to explore! xoxo


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