Day 3: Paris Travel Diary


Hey guys! So we made it to Versailles yesterday! LikeI told you in my last travel diary entry¬†we tried going to Versailles last time we were here but didn’t have euros to make it on the metro so we missed out. This time everything worked out perfectly thanks to my husband for figuring out all the details. So the trip there is pretty quick, about 30 mins. When we go there it was about a 10 min walk from the station. We bought our tickets ahead of time and still had to wait in a line for over an hour.DSC_0545DSC_0586

To be honest, I don’t have a passion for art so I walk through museums pretty quickly just to check it off the list. I mean don’t get me wrong the castle was beautiful but I’m not into listening to an audio guide and taking the whole day to get through it. The first place we went to was to Angelina to grab lunch. We didn’t eat in the morning and we were starving by noon, which is when we got through the entrance. After that we walked around for probably an hour and a half and made our way to the gardens. The only thing I wanted to see inside was the hall of mirrors which was pretty awesome! I honestly came for the gardens though- they were beautiful! They were actually having the music and fountain show that day but we didn’t want to stick around.DSC_0656

After that we made our way back home and bought some Veuve and enjoyed it on the terrace. We decided to go to dinner somewhere close by since we were super tired! We went to a fondue place and it was amazing! Lots of ham, bread, potatoes and other things to dip into the cheese! I’ll post more about it on my larger travel roundup.

Today is our last night here in Paris so we are going to make the most of it. It’s nice that we did all the tourist stuff last time so we were pretty open with our itinerary. We definitely picked the right day to go to Versailles since the Paris marathon was yesterday (even though we had no idea). Glad we got to visit this time around and everything went smoothly.


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