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You might have noticed something different and it’s that I cut my hair over the weekend. I always get compliments and questions on my hair and I wanted to be 100% honest with y’all. I’ve been getting extensions since January and they are super life-changing. I’m always really open when people ask me if I have extensions so I’m happy to answer anything about them. I feel like so many people/bloggers wear them and they’re super common but not everyone is honest about having them.

Before I got my tape in extensions, I would wear clip in extensions occasionally for about a year and a half. I totally loved them but it got annoying putting them in and taking them out every time. When I was planning my destination wedding, I knew I wanted to get semi permanent extensions and have one less thing to worry about.

To be completely honest with you guys, I am super insecure about my hair and these extensions are a total confidence booster. My hair was never super thick to begin with but it’s gotten thinner over the years. If you asked me 5 years ago what my favorite feature about myself is, I would’ve said my hair. I noticed my hair was getting thinner when I moved to Raleigh to live with my now husband. I’m a really nervous person and get stressed out easily, which I know isn’t good for me and my hair! I was really unhappy in Raleigh being away from my friends and family and it wasn’t a fun time for me.

Every time I get my extensions done I’m always stressed out about how my hair looks without them, but it’s just that I’ve been so used to the volume from the extensions for almost a year! Don’t get me wrong, my natural hair is not bad at all! I’m a little dramatic 🙂 This time around I got less extensions put it and got them cut shorter. Yes- even people with shorter hair wear extensions! There’s no way you can get that bold sharp cut on your ends without extensions, unless you were blessed with extremely thick hair. I think my goal is to eventually get them taken out and ease back into my normal hair so I let it restore itself for a bit. My stylist Jordan also recommended looking into Halo Couture extensions for when I’m ready to part ways with my tape-ins. I was looking at the Youtube videos for them and I was blown away.


Anyways, enough of me and I’m going to share some info around tape-in extensions.

What extensions do you wear? I am wearing the Aqua tape-in hair extensions, which are on the higher end and more expensive but better quality of hair. I used to wear the 18 inch extensions but I just got mine cut last weekend. My hair stylist also offers another brand of hair at a lower price point.

What are tape in extensions? Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in sandwich like bonds. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals. Tape in extensions are the least damaging to your hair which is why I chose them. They are very lightweight and do not pull on your hair like other extensions.


How many extensions do you wear? I originally wore three packs but in my last visit I cut down to two packs. I recommend scheduling a consultation with your stylist and they will recommend what’s best for your hair based on the results you want.

What’s the cost? Honestly, the hair itself is the most expensive and quite the investment. Prices really depend on how much hair you’re getting and the quality so i really can’t give an average cost. Every 8 weeks I pay about $150-200 to get my extensions moved up since my hair has grown.

How long do they last? If you take good care of them, you can get them redone every 8 weeks. The hair itself lasts about a year and then you’ll have to order a new set.

How do you care for them? It’s always important to brush your hair daily. For the first 48 hours, it’s best that you don’t wash your hair. From then on, you should treat your extensions like you would your natural hair. You can do everything with them-wash them, style them, etc. Make sure you avoid oil based products because it can weaken the adhesive.

How long is the process? Getting them put in the first time around takes about an hour. Since your hair grows out with the extensions, you have to have them taken out and pulled back up so they are close to your scalp. Depending on your natural hair and how many extensions you have, this process can take anywhere from 2-3 hours.

How do you get them taken out? This can’t be done on your own and should be handled by your hair stylist. He/she will spray the tape in the extensions with a solution that helps them come apart. Once removed, your hair is brushed through and washed a few times to get the leftover adhesive out. Don’t be alarmed when you see hair fall out! You have to remember that since your hair is taped, it’s not able to shed naturally so everything that you see fall is accumulated from the 8 weeks you had extensions in.


Any cons about tape in extensions? I think there are only a few cons for me, which definitely are outweighed by the pros. I have a very sensitive scalp so for the first one or two days, I take some advil for the pain. It just feels tight and a little sore. The other con is that I have noticed my hair get somewhat thinner. It could also be because I am used to all the volume with the extensions but who knows! Lastly, sometimes you are limited with the different hair styles you can do with tape in extensions. I can never part my hair in the back into two pig tails, braids, etc. because of the way they lay on my head. I also can’t normally wear my hair up in a high pony because some of the wefts are exposed.

Here is my before and after!


If you’re in Atlanta I strongly recommend checking out, Jordan at Tribe Salon Studios. She is honestly the best and my favorite person! She’s super knowledgeable and talented and I always have a great time chatting with her during my visit. Also, she does make up as well! I’m telling y’all, she’s the total girl boss!

Next time I go visit her I have to order a new set of extensions. I’m on the fence if I want to keep it this length or go back to longer!


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