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I’m baaaacckkkk! I haven’t blogged in two days and it feels like forever! Crazy that I’ve been able to keep blogging 5 days a week except this week! My in laws visited us in Atlanta this past weekend so my blogging schedule was a little thrown off. Luckily, I was able to shoot my last look with Morgan last week and didn’t fall too behind on my content!

I got an email earlier this week about a daylight savings sale at Macy’s and I was thrown off but was not complaining. It was also a good reminder for me that daylight savings is on Sunday and we’ll luckily be gaining an hour! We have a fun weekend ahead of us so I can definitely use an extra hour of partying or let’s be honest…sleep.

We are going to Birmingham this weekend to celebrate my instagram bestie‘s birthday! We always have such a great time with them and looking forward to some laughs this weekend. We are headed to the Alabama vs. LSU game, so Logan and I are super excited. ROLL TIDE Y’ALL! We went to our first Alabama game last year and it was a total blast!

But anyways, about this sale- there are so many great finds at Macy’s that I wanted to share with y’all! The sweater I am wearing in the photos was from the sale but is only available in the other color now. Let me know what y’all end up buying!


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