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I’ve had a lot of people request this blog post so here it is! First of, I don’t think of myself as a photo editing expert and I’m still learning. I don’t really edit my photos that much, just want to make sure all the colors are vibrant and balanced on my photos and I have a good flow going on. So many bloggers do such a great job in having a cohesive Instagram feed and I have a lot of work to do! Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite photo editing apps with y’all! Let me know if you have any questions.


This is probably my favorite app and I use it daily. It’s super easy to use too. You can buy it at the app store here and it’s only $1.99, which isn’t bad at all! You can apply various filters on top of each other and the best part is that it saves all your edits. That way you can apply the same filters on all your photos to keep things consistent.

Isn’t it crazy how you can barely tell the bag was stained?


So I got this app a month or so ago because I saw a lot of bloggers recommend it. I think this one is a little harder to navigate but it’s super complicated. This app is great if your feed is super cohesive and you want to keep the same filter for all your photos. Like I said, I change up all of my posts and I’m still lacking a “theme” on my Instagram so I only use this from time to time. For the free version you can only pick from a few filters but you can also buy a set of preset filters and there’s so many to choose from.


My cousin Pam was telling me about this app at a bar one time and it was one of those late night purchases lol. I paid $3.99 for it but don’t really use it. This app is more for editing flaws and less for changing colors on a photo. This reminds me of photoshop but on your phone. Part of the app description says this can help you “look your Hollywood best,” so you get the point. I’ve used it before to smoothen my face and brighten my teeth but like I said I don’t really like messing with my appearance in terms of editing and prefer messing with the colors of photos themselves.

For this one I smoothed out our faces, edited red eye, and whitened teeth.


This app is super user friendly and easy to use! It definitely helps product high quality photos. It offers the essential features such as the ability to edit saturation, contrast, exposure, etc. The app also offers TONS of different filter options to choose from. You can also add borders to your photos and create more white space.


Do you guys use any of these apps or recommend some that I didn’t mention?


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