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So in case you haven’t seen the thousands of photos from southern bloggers, it snowed on Friday. It was super crazy but not as bad as snowmagedon in 2014. It did take me 2.5 hours to get home even though I was only 8 miles away. People in the south always forget how to drive when they see “snow” falling. My husband is from Minnesota so this is nothing to him. Although, he does not trust the drivers here since people aren’t used to it.

People always loose their minds whenever we get snow once in a blue moon. I feel like my feed was full of snow pics and I was honestly over them. I know, I’m such a grinch. I will admit that it’s nice to have snow around Christmas because it’s always so warm here and doesn’t feel like the holidays. I mean just last weekend I was in a mesh top and destroyed jeans. The weather here is so bipolar!

Overall, we had such a good weekend! We don’t really like packing our weekends with tons of activities but we always end up super busy. Friday we hung out with our neighbors and then went out, Saturday we did some shopping and hung out with my cousin Pam and then Sunday we spent it with my parents and ate tons of delicious food. I am ready to get back into the week though and eat healthy and start my work out routine.

As I mentioned last week, Express is killing the game. Everything they have is so good and is always selling out! It’s kinda annoying I can’t link to stuff so I’ve been stalking their site. I know I’m not the only blogger having this issue. I bought this red sweater over the weekend since it was half off and now I’m wanting to buy the same one in gray. I normally wear an xs or small but they were out of it. I sized up to a medium and it fits me perfectly. Y’all know I love oversized sweaters. I finally broke into my booties and they’re perfect! I wore them this weekend and my feet were not complaining. If you’re a size 5.5 or 6 you’re in luck!

Hope you all have a great week!


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