Toasting to 2017 and Wishes for 2018

Oh 2017 you were a great year! Starting off with “I Do’s” and experiencing a lot of firsts to traveling to some of the beautiful places- I am truly blessed and satisfied. Last year, Logan and I made it our New Year’s resolution to travel more and we definitely took that and ran with it. We also discussed not getting gifts for each other to celebrate milestones and holidays but rather focus on creating memories and experiencing things together vs. buying each other “things.” I have zero regrets because this has allowed us to book travel whenever we want and create memories in foreign places and embracing their culture.

Below are some of the highlights from our year and some of the memories we’ve created. Obviously getting married and honeymooning in Bora Bora are pretty tough to beat but we had a badass year! It’s definitely a great time to look back at everything we have experienced and accomplished and be thankful for it all. Next year we are looking to settle down more in Atlanta and plan for a house. This might mean cutting back on a few things even though we already have two trips planned in early 2018.

Where we traveled




Starting off 2017 with lots of big celebrations and moments that can’t be beat. It definitely set the tone for the rest of 2017 for us. We celebrated lots of birthdays- my brother, dad, and father in law. We then traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and tied the knot on 1.20.17 with 23 of our closest family and friends.


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Having a small wedding meant being selfish and spending more money on ourselves, which I’m totally fine with (and absolutely recommend). Logan and I were so thankful we were able to have the honeymoon of our dreams in Bora Bora and enjoy being newlyweds in an island far far away. After three planes and over 15 hours of air time, we made it it the most gorgeous place on earth at the end of February. ┬áIt has been by far my favorite trip and I hope we get to go back!



We wrapped up our honeymoon in Bora Bora and stayed a day in a half in LA. If you know me, you know I’m a huge reality TV junkie and I LOVE ALL Bravo shows, especially Vanderpump Rules and Housewives. While in LA, Logan took me to visit Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR and I was in heaven. The night continued to get better as some of the cast of the show was there and we got to hang out with them and take some shots. To top it all off, Bravolebrity and Housewife icon, Lisa Vanderpump was there and sweet enough to take a photo with me.



My birthday month aka Aries season, baby! Before we had planned our honeymoon, Logan and I booked a trip to Miami for my birthday. It probably wasn’t the smartest decision to travel back to back but it was something we kept doing throughout the year, oops! I would get so sad being back from our honeymoon and not having something to look forward to that I would always be booking travel. The times I’ve gone to Miami were for a bachelorette so going with my husband was totally different and more relaxing. I got to see a different side of Miami.



Traveling to Mexico City has always been on our list of places to visit. We booked this trip 2-3 weeks in advance and just decided to go for it without looking back. My dad has an apartment there and travels for work often so this was a super easy decision for us to make. Plus the flight is so quick from Atlanta! We were only there for the weekend but got to do and see so much!



We took off a month from traveling and moved in to our new place in Buckhead (popular neighborhood in Atlanta). It made our commutes a lot easier (which means spending more time together) and we were located right in the heart of it all. We are so happy living here and love the community! Teddy has made lots of doggy friends and Logan and I have made new friends that are amazing people!



Since we had a super small wedding, Logan’s family wanted to celebrate us with the rest of their family and friends in their hometown in Minnesota. They had a wonderful reception for us in their backyard and we got to celebrate our marriage once again. My parents had never been to Minnesota before so I was glad they were able to join as well.

Another highlight/milestone this month was creating my blog! It has been something I really wanted to do for the longest time but I was always saying I didn’t have time for it. I decided to pull the plug and commit to this. It’s been hard work also focusing on my full time job but I have learned so much and met wonderful people in these past months. It has helped me break out of my shell and comfort zone and work on my business and negotiating skills. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

August & September

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These two months were pretty chill. I focused on my blog and shooting fresh new content. We also went and visited our sweet friends Becky and Chace in Birmingham and we always have a blast! I had a quick work trip in LA and got to see a close friend of mine. Over Labor Day we traveled to Minnesota to see Logan’s family. We knew we had a trip coming up in early October that we had to save for so it was pretty low key.



We came back to the City of Lights aka Paris– my favorite place ever! Logan and I are obsessed with France and its culture and I am so thankful I was able to visit again. Paris is so us! I know I’ve said it before but we would definitely love to move there for a year or two and just really be immersed in the culture and also work on my French. I think it would be a once in a lifetime experience and something we would never forget.



Started off the month celebrating Jezebel’s newest issue which featured the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantan’s. Why was this a big deal for me? Because I was featured in it! Jezebel is an Atlanta magazine that I have always been a fan of. Being part of their issue has allowed me to attend events and network, which is something I’m totally not used to! I’ve also met people along the way that I would’ve never met randomly in Atlanta.

The other major highlight this month was our last trip of the year to Cancun. Logan and I had been numerous times with our families and then as a couple maybe 4 years ago. We wanted to go a quick getaway over the Thanksgiving break and go some place warm. We traveled to the ruins in Tulum and enjoyed great weather and delicious food and drinks!


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Logan normally travels back to see his family for two weeks or so over the holidays. In the past 6 years, we have never spent actual Christmas Day together. I would always go up to Minnesota around the 26th or 27th and hang out for a couple of days. Logan knew it was important for me to spend the holidays together especially our first year as a married couple, so he decided to stay! I really want to create our own traditions and enjoy each other, so this was very special for me. We got to do a lot of Christmas related activities and wake up on Christmas morning together and open our gifts. This year, we also bought our first real Christmas tree and we had so much fun picking it out and decorating.

2017 was very good to us. We had an amazing time and created so many memories we will never forget. I honestly can’t believe our first wedding anniversary is right around the corner in a couple of weeks. We always try to make the best out of situations and I am so lucky to have such an amazing soulmate and partner in crime.

Thanks for following long these last months and checking out my blog. I dedicate so much time into it and am always planning what I can share with y’all that can be beneficial besides pretty Instagram pictures. Never hesitate to reach out, I’m always looking forward to meeting new people. I hope you all have a great New Year’s and an awesome 2018. Cheers!




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