5 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


So I know this post might seem early BUT Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, which is cray cray if you ask me. Logan and I always lay low around holidays like these and just exchange a card and some candy (sour candy for me, chocolate for him). We’re always going out to eat and enjoy Veuve quite often, so it seems a little silly to us to dedicate a day for that. When we first started dating we did do a few things here and there to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I thought it’d be helpful to share some of my favorite date night ideas for Valentine’s Day so you’re not scrambling for plans last minute.

Below are five date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boo:

Do a Wine Tasting

No one can turn down wine or champagne. Check out local wine shops and see what they have going on. Wine tastings are always super fun and you also get to meet other people. What’s better than a couple glasses of wine paired with some delicious small plates! I also love the fact that these sort of events are never super crowded.

Go See a Show

Whether it’s a comedy show, concert or a play- you know it will be entertaining. Check out ticketmaster and find out if there’s a concert going on in town that you and your s.o. can enjoy! Another idea is to check a local theather/performing arts center since they always have something going on. If you’re in Atlanta, the Fox Theater always has a great selection and it’s super romantic and an excuse to get dressed up.

Hire a Private Chef

So this depends on the budget you’re working with but such a great idea. Whether it’s you or your significant other that is always cooking, give yourselves a break! Avoid the crowds at the restaurant and enjoy some yummy food at the comforts of your home. Set up some candles and your favorite playlist and just relax while someone else does the cooking.

Attend a Cooking Class

So I’ve never been to one but I think this would be so much fun to attend with my husband. Lots of restaurants or places like Sur la table always have some sort of cooking classes going on. You get to learn a few dishes and work together. Plus you don’t have to worry about the clean up!

Cook at Home

This one is a classic but perfect if you want to stay in and not pay for a private chef. One year Logan and I made homemade pizzas with our favorite toppings and had some appetizers. We also bought some Veuve of course! Nothing better than chilling at home and not have to get all dressed up. Finish the night off with renting your favorite movie 🙂



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