6 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Marriage


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. Wow. Where did time go? Last year on January 20th, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. We were in sunny Punta Cana and had great weather the afternoon of our wedding. We have zero regrets on doing a destination wedding and it was perfect for us. The moment didn’t go by as fast as people say it does because we truly enjoyed every second of it. We still look back and say, wow our wedding was so much fun and it was perfect.

Logan and I were together for five long years before we tied the knot. We also lived together for about a year and a half so there haven’t really been any surprises in terms of living together. (I will admit, I’ve gotten a little messier because Logan spoils me- Sorry Logan!) We’ve gotten to do so many things together in the last year and have shared nothing but happy memories. I truly feel blessed and so lucky!139


As I look back to the last year, I’ve reflected on some things I have learned as a newlywed and a wife.

It’s OUR Money

One of the scariest things we did this year was join bank accounts (eek!). Well scary for me because Logan would be able to see all of my shopping purchases and that would probably have to mean I needed to cut back on spending. I guess that’s also scary for him seeing how much money is going towards material things (oops!). Logan has always been very smart when it comes to finances and tbh me not so much. I believe in buying what I want (nothing major though, you know just some clothes and shoes; nails, hair extensions, the works haha) with the money I work hard for and just being spontaneous and living in the moment. Over the past year I learned that we are a team. It’s no longer me saying- “oh, i’m going to buy that shirt with my money”, it’s more me consulting with Logan, thinking if I really need this or can I live without it (obvi I can live without that Free People sweater but I WANT it!), and also having our future in mind. Of course we’d love to have a home in the next year or two, so recently that’s what has always been in the back on my mind whenever I want to buy something. Do I want to live in apartment forever? No. So working together on finances and setting a budget is one of our goals for 2018. How can we save up OUR money.

Go with the Flow

If you know me, you know I am very organized when it comes to time management and making plans. Whether that’s making plans to go out to dinner or planning out a week itinerary with dates and times for a trip to Paris. I hate being late and it always puts me in a bad mood when we’re running behind. In the last year, I’ve tried to let some things go and just go with the flow. Things won’t go according to plan and I need to accept it. I’m not saying i have improved much, but I have at least recognized that’s something I could improve on. I mean does it really matter if we are running ten minutes late to get to my parent’s house? Probably not. When it’s little things like that, I should just let it go. Enjoy the moment, why get upset. We both have lived wonderful lives and are healthy people, so why get mad at something so small.

Spend Time Together

As millennials, we are always consumed by our phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and we are never really in the moment. Do you remember the last time you went to a concert and you just sat there and enjoyed it and didn’t take a video or photo of the show? I don’t. Well, it was probably back in 8th grade or High School when I had my little Nokia that could’t even take a picture. Times have certainly changed. It’s sad to admit but it’s hard for me to not have my phone with me at arm’s length. I’m not blaming it on my job and working in social media BUT it has become part of my life. Most of the time when we get home from work and are having dinner, someone or both of us are on our laptops or just doing something else at the same time. We’re really trying to change that! We try to have date night at least once a week where we enjoy each other’s company and leave the phones in the car. Crazy thought right!? (jk). It should really be something we do every day after work and not just once a week, but I’m trying!!

Pursue your Passions and Support Each other 

Learn each other’s passions (if you don’t already) and support one another to pursue them. It’s nice knowing I will always have Logan as my biggest cheerleader and I hope he feels the same about me. I am lucky to have someone I can always count on and will always tell me that I CAN do it, no matter how many times I put myself down. I’m not the most confident person and always think the worst out of situations. Logan always sees the best in things so we always have that balance. We should live life without regrets and pursue our dreams, having a partner that supports you makes it all possible and attainable. Hold each other accountable and push one another to reach those dreams.

Keep it 100

Give it your all, 100%. Hell, 110% while you’re at it. It’s not about meeting each other half way it’s about giving it your all and working together. Decisions are made as a couple and they affect both parties. While our first year of marriage has been nothing but happiness, we know it will get rough at times. We need to stay focused and committed, after all we only have each other for the rest of our lives. You’ll be happier in the long run when you’re giving it your all.

Go At Your Own Pace

In the world of social media, it’s hard not to compare yourself to other couples. So and so is already having a baby or they just bought a new home or a second dog, etc. Focus on yourselves and not what everyone else is doing. Do it at your own pace, there’s no rush or deadline. As I mentioned, we’ve love to have a house but also isn’t something we are dying for. There’s no rule or law that says you have to own a home once you’re married. We have traveled so much in the past year and it’s nice being able to book a flight last minute across the world and also not having to worry about leaving a baby behind (although, let’s be honest, Teddy is pretty high maintenance). Or even getting to live in different areas of town and exploring Atlanta neighborhoods. Of course we get the question asked of when we are going to have a baby but honestly, that’s no one’s business. We’ll do it when the timing is right and that’s decision between my husband and I. We’ll be the one with the added responsibilities, so we should be the ones worrying about it.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to get personal!





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