5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Hey y’all! I’ve seen some interest on my Instagram around fitness posts so I wanted to share some tips on staying motivated and my workout routine. When I was preparing for my wedding last year I was super motivated and I just recently got back on track. Before my wedding, I was working out with my trainer EJ twice week and running 6 miles 3-4 times a week. I was also eating really healthy for 3 months and I lost 15 lbs. I cut out all carbs and really cut down only dairy intake (especially cheese) and alcohol (stuck to vodka waters yuck!).

After I got back from my Honeymoon to Bora Bora, I was a little depressed not having anything to look forward to. I went back to not eating so healthy and just not motivated at all to workout. I finally realized back in July/August of 2017 that I was unhappy with the way I looked and wasn’t myself being so lazy and unmotivated. I started doing the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout with my husband, which included 4 weeks of a pre workout and 12 weeks of the guide. We only went up to week 8 or 9 due to all our traveling and it was hard for me to get back into it.

In October, I ran into my trainer at a bar and knew it was time to get back into it. Ever since then I’ve been doing a pretty good job staying committed and I’m back to my old ways. The thing I struggle with the most is clean eating because I just love food and I’m not willing to sacrifice it. So I’ll be totally honest and tell you I’m the worst at that. I hate salads and love pizza and pasta soon I gotta find a balance.

My current workout routine is working out with EJ 2-3 times a week, where we do a little bit of everything- legs, arms, cardio, abs. Every day it’s different and I am always sweating like no other. On the days I’m not with him I either go for a jog or go to a circuit class in Atlanta called Blast. I’ve been going there occasionally for YEARS (since maybe 2010) and it’s my favorite workout studio in all of Atlanta. It’s an hour of floor work and treadmill with some bomb ass music and instructors and I always feel amazing afterwards.


Top|Sneakers (similar)|Leggings

Enough about me, let’s talk about some ways to stay motivated and get out of a funk to workout and burn some cals.

Bomb Ass Music

Nothing helps getting you motivated more than a bomb ass playlist that gets you pumped up. Here are my favorite songs that turn my workout into a twerkout. Disclaimer, I love rap so that’s pretty much what makes up my playlist.

  • “Finesse” Cardi B and Bruno Mars
  • “Mi Gente” J Balvin
  • “Pursuit of Happiness” Kid Cudi
  • “Dance (A$$)” Nicki Minaj and Big Sean
  • “Would You Ever” Skrillex
  • “Moves” Big Sean
  • “Fight Night” Migos
  • “Rake it Up” Yo Gotti
  • “MotorSport” Migos
  • “Lemon” N.E.R.D.
  • “Without You” Avicii
  • “Champions” Kanye
  • “Work it” Missy Elliott
  • “Power” Kanye West
  • “Bring Em Out” T.I.
  • “Hey Ya” Outkast
  • “Bartier Cardi” Cardi B


Spend Money

This might sound weird but hear me out. Whether you spend money on a trainer, workout classes or some nice Lululemon workout clothes or new sneakers- this will all motivate you to get out there and kick some booty. Spending money on a trainer or workout classes makes me get out of bed so I’m not throwing money out the window.

DSC_1968 (1)

Find a Partner

Find someone that holds you accountable and will suffer through a workout with you. Unless you live in Beverly Hills and can hire Teddy as an accountability coach (LOL RHOBH reference sorry!). It’s always nice having someone that’s also counting on you to get out and workout.

Follow REAL People

It’s easy to get discouraged on social media when all you see are photos of gorgeous, tall, skinny IG models. I love following fitness accounts of REAL people that motivate me. I love seeing before and afters of people going from overweight to a bomb body or from skinny with no shape to a curvy woman that’s toned and has a booty. They’re always so inspirational and when I see their before and afters I’m like if they were able to go through a drastic transformation, I’m capable of doing some toning up! My favorite accounts to follow on IG are: @Kelseywells (she’s total goals and a badass, her body is exactly how I want to look), @theblondefiless (she also did a lot of toning up and shows how a number on the scale means nothing), @karinairby (she’s got a booty on her and i love it! she’s also super real and shows photos without photoshop and is not scared of showing some cellulite or things considered as “imperfections”).

Set Realistic Goals

Always set a goal and have something in mind you’re working towards. It helps you to stay focus and it’s something measurable that you can track. Whether it’s being able to run 3 miles, cut out something from your diet, work out x times a week, look a certain way or drop x number of lbs. those are all goals and actionable! It’s good to reach for the stars but keep yourself honest and set goals that are realistic.

DSC_1942 (1)DSC_1948

How do y’all stay motivated? Share some tips below!



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