Tips for Ordering from Shein, Romwe, Chicwish and Others.

Hey guys! I am ALWAYS getting questions whenever I post items on my Instagram from Romwe, Shein, Chicwish, etc.- are they legit? It’s such a popular question and I’ve honestly always wondered that before I became a blogger. I wanted to share some tips with y’all and give you the inside scoop of what it’s all about. As always, message me if you have any questions!

Read Reviews and Check Out Their Social

This is a must for me, no matter where I am ordering from. Even if I am ordering from a store in the US, I hate having to do returns and exchanges so I try to read as much as I can about the item. The same goes for these sites overseas, especially if you’re already waiting so long to get your item- the last thing you want is to have to return it for a different size. A lot of their items have customer reviews and authentic photos of people wearing their items. I also check out their Instagram or other bloggers that have posted about the item. Definitely read up on their sizing and measurements, some of their items are one size, so measurements are key.

Order in Advance, It Takes a While

As you all know, I hate shopping at the mall and prefer online shopping. I love shopping at places that have free shipping and returns and that they’re quick. One downside to ordering from these sites is that it takes FOREVER to get your items and patience is key. Always read the estimated shipping time to set expectations. Some items offer expedited shipping so that’s aways a plus. I ordered a sweater from Chicwish and it took 20 days, but it was totally worth it. (Items ship from China FYI)

You Get What You Pay For

I’m guessing y’all aren’t expecting for items to be top notch if the prices are so affordable, but just want to call it out. It totally depends on what you’re ordering from those sites. I honestly think the quality of the items is pretty good considering the price. I think my favorite is a pink faux fur jacket that’s only $32! Most of their pieces are replicas of things you would see at a higher cost, so just set expectations.

Below are some of the items from these stores that I totally love!

Pink Jacket|Zebra Sweater|Green Sweater|Beige Cardigan|Multicolor Vest|Gray Cardigan




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    1. Hi! I actually partnered with them and they sent it to me with faster shipping it took less than five days. I would recommend paying extra for faster shipping. Hope this helps!

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