How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon + Bora Bora VLOG

You probably already know where I went on my honeymoon because I never stop talking about it. If you don’t know yet, we went to Bora Bora and it’s all I talk about #sorrynotsorry. It was the best trip of my life and it will never be beat. I am SO grateful we were able to go there and have the time of our lives. I honestly get sad about not being there, lol. Anyway, whenever people I know are planning a honeymoon I’m always raving about Bora Bora. If you stick around until the end you can catch our vlog recap of our honeymoon 🙂

Bora Bora is not for everyone but I do have some tips to share on how to plan the most perfect honeymoon that you’ll never forget.


Make a List with Your Soon to be Spouse and Find the Overlap– Separately, write down a list of 3-5 places you want to visit for your honeymoon and ask your spouse to do the same. Compare the list and see if there’s any overlap. Our overlap was Bora Bora, Italy and Bali.

Narrow the List Down by Agreeing on a Purpose– Do you want to explore and check out a new place, or do you just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company? We knew we wanted to relax and not worry about planning out an itinerary so that cut out Italy from our list.

Pick a Place You’ll Never Have an Excuse to Go to– We ultimately chose Bora Bora because I knew I could never have a good excuse to go there. I couldn’t see myself telling Logan let’s spend thousands of dollars and go to Bora Bora for our summer trip- so a honeymoon was a great excuse! I knew we could go to Italy any time and it wouldn’t be an extravagant trip, same goes for Bali (it’s so inexpensive to travel there). So pick somewhere you could never have an excuse to casually go to. Although, I did ask Logan to promise me we’ll go back to Bora Bora for a milestone in our lives.

Be Selfish and Splurge– It’s your honeymoon and it’s OKAY to spend a little extra! Treat YOSELF! Whether you’re upgrading to first class, ordering some Veuve to your room, upgrading your room, etc. DO IT! This is a once in a lifetime trip so don’t feel guilty about it. This trip is supposed to be unforgettable and kick off a lifetime of happiness with your spouse.

Look for Honeymooner Deals at Resorts– First off, I strongly recommend booking travel through Costco, what a wonderful experience and amazing deals. They literally know everything and it’s hassle free. Either way, resorts ALWAYS have honeymoon specials. Check their specials/offers tab on their site and I promise you they’ll have something for newlyweds.

Split Up Your Trip If You Have a Long Flight– Most popular honeymoon destinations are far. Our flight to Bora Bora was 15+ hours but totally worth it. On our way back we stopped in LA and had such a fun time. Think about your trip and if there are any places along the way you want to visit. Going to Bali? Stop in Tokyo or South Korea for a couple of days! Going to Europe? Stop by at a large US city or another city in Europe. It’s on the way so why not? 🙂 Plus it makes the trip more bearable #firstworldproblems.

Remember this trip is about you and your spouse and whatever makes you happy! We had such a small destination wedding that we were able to spend money on us vs. a party for a bunch of people. So find out what’s important to you, and if you can do both more power to you!



Here’s a preview of the memories we shared during our honeymoon! Feel free to message me if you have any questions and are considering going. xoxo


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