Is the Gucci Belt Worth the Splurge?

As you’ve seen on my Instagram, I recently purchased the coveted Gucci belt earlier this year. I’ll be honest- I can’t tell you the last time I wore a belt but I knew this was something I wanted to invest in. Once I bought it, I can’t imagine life without wearing a belt (haha i might be a tad dramatic). I know Amazon sells a dupe for $28 , which makes me wonder how many people have that over the real thing. So is it even worth it to spend $500 on a belt?


A few years back, I was so into designer shoes and bags. Now it’s rare for me to spend over $400 on one item to add to my closet (I feel so guilty!). I have shifted priorities in my life and I’m less concerned about what I’m wearing or the logos on my clothes and I much rather spend my money on traveling or an experience. Don’t get me wrong though, I think I shop more than the regular person but I try to be smart about it. So why did I give in this time around? Was it the pressures of everyone on Instagram wearing the same belt and seeing it everywhere as I scroll through my feed? Nope. I could’ve just bought the Amazon belt if I was wanting to fit in with everyone else.

When deciding whether or not I should splurge on this- I told myself that if I would wear it a couple of times a week, it was worth it and I was worth it. I’m all about showing yourself some love and splurging from time to time. The thing is, this belt totally elevates your outfit. The Gucci logo is so iconic. There are SO many ways to style this belt and it has so many uses, which did not make me feel guilty at all. And of course the quality of it can’t be beat. Italian leather for the win. A belt will never go out of style, it’s so classic.


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If you think you’ll get some good wear out of it, I say go for it! Trust me when I say it’s totally worth it. I wear mine all the time and I’m truly obsessed. I love it so much that I just ordered another one in black oops! If you spend that much on an item, I feel like you kinda make yourself wear it and show it off.

By the way, I am wearing size xs or 32 and it’s the larger width. It fits me perfectly with my high waisted jeans and shorts but a little snug when I wear low rise jeans. Are there any items you think are worth splurging on?




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