Gingham is BACK



Looking like a picnic but I don’t mind it! It’s FINALLYYYY looking to be a beautiful weekend in Atlanta and I am SO thankful!!! We are ready for you to make your appearance, sun. I’m hoping we can enjoy some sunshine out on a restaurant patio along with rose this weekend and possibly checking out the belt line. I just love warmer temps, I feel like they just boost your mood instantly.

I’ve bought so many spring/summer clothes and I haven’t gotten to wear them! I can’t wait to shoot some looks this weekend since I’m been behind on the blog. I LOVE this gingham top and the fact that it comes in multiple colors. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s super affordable! These wedges were some of my faves last year and so glad they’re still in stock. Open toed shoes means it’s a great excuse to get a pedicure more often and pamper yourself! I obviously paired this look with one of the bags from my shop and it just matches perfectly!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and it doesn’t fly by too fast! xoxo



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