Surrounding Yourself with Positivity and Practicing Self Love


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Hey y’all! Today I wanted to open up about something I have been working on in the past year and that is- positivity and practicing self love. We all know we are our own biggest critics and are always so hard on ourselves. Why though?! We need to change that. Starting my blog has definitely allowed me to be my biggest cheerleader and to always look on the positive side of things. This has truly been a challenge as I am always quick to assume the worst and am pessimistic when it comes to the situations I am in. I’m probably myself’s biggest road block/hurdle. Once you learn to love yourself, you can do it all!

I’ve always had super thick skin and it’s pretty hard to get to me and bring me down. I moved from Mexico to the US back when I was 8 years old and I’ve dealt with people making fun of me for who I was and where I came from, which I think really helped me grow this thick skin. I can’t really change how people were brought up which affects the way they think about certain things and I learned to accept that. I learned to accept to be who I am (proudly) and not worry about what others might think of me. In the end, people will judge you either way so why not do what you love and let them think what they want.

Every day, I thank God for the wonderful life he has given me and blessed me with. I am in the place I am today because of the decisions I have made and by choice, which is a great place to be. I have a wonderful support system when it comes to friends, family and my husband and I would not have it any other way!

Below are my tips for how you too can surround yourself with positivity and learn to love who you have become.

X out toxic people from your life– this is an easy one, why are they in your life in the first place? Get rid of all the negativity in your life and focus your efforts elsewhere.

Surround yourself with people that share similar values– I tend to become friends with people that have the same values as me because it’s easier to connect and they seem to be more understanding. What do I value? People that are genuinely kind and are happy for others, family oriented, supporting, open to different believes and are accepting, know how and when to ask for forgiveness.

Be yourself and be proud of it– Accept who you are and embrace it. There’s no need to put up a front. You are unique and that’s what makes you, you.

Focus on your passions– Figure out what you enjoy doing and are passionate about, then figure out how to make that a part of your daily life. Incorporating your passions into your every day life automatically make you happier!

Set Goals– This helps you stay focused and allows you yo focus your energy on something that is good for you. Once you achieve those goals (you feel so good about it)- set more! Continue to push yourself, there’s always something we can improve on.

Treat yourself– This is a no brainer. You deserve to pamper yourself without feeling guilty about it. You’ll feel great 🙂

And remember, people only try to bring you down because you’re already all the way up. Do you, boo! xoxo


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