How To Use Presets on Lightroom Mobile

So I finally tried something this weekend that I’ve been meaning to work on. I’ve been wanting to find a preset for my Instagram profile so I could have a cohesive look for my photos but I thought it was going to be complicated and I put it off- but I was wrong.

What are presets? Presets are customized filters that are added to all your photos before posting on Instagram so they have a similar look and feel. They are added through Adobe Lightroom desktop and/or mobile. The desktop version of Lightroom costs money but the app for your phone is free!

Where do you get presets? If you’re really good with editing photos, you can create your own and apply to all your photos. If you’re like me and need some help, you can buy one that you like! A lot of bloggers create their own and sell them on their site and you can also buy them on Etsy. If you’re only going to use the mobile version, make sure whatever you buy says it’s for mobile otherwise it won’t work.

How do you apply them to photos? Once you buy a preset you like, you will get a DNG file sent to you. Download that DNG file on your desktop and airdrop it to your phone. Once the file is on your phone, follow these next steps.

1-Open up the Lightroom app and create a new album, I labeled mine preset.


2-Click the bottom right blue button with the plus sign to add your preset. Click on the file you airdropped.

3-Once you are on the DNG file, click the top three dots on the right and click Copy Settings. This copies the filter and then let’s you paste it to your photo.


4-Create a separate album for your photos you want to edit. Select one photo to upload and then view. Once on the photo click the top right three dots and click paste settings.


5-From there, you can play around with the lighting and make whatever adjustments you may need.

6-Save your photo to camera roll and you’re good to go! Repeat these steps for whatever photos you want to edit.

Check out the before and after below.

Hope this helps but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!



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