Things to Consider Before Committing to a Brand Partnership


Hey guys! I can’t believe my 1 year blog anniversary is around the corner, July 9th to be exact! I have grown and learned so much in this journey and I am so happy my husband pushed me to pursue my passion of blogging and fashion. I’ve met so many wonderful people and the things I have learned, I’ve been able to apply them to my career and full time job.

As a blogger/micro influencer sources of income can come from two different places, 1. affiliate links or commission from purchases through liketoknowit and 2. brand collaborations. Just because micro influencers don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, doesn’t mean you can’t book any brand deals. In fact, micro influencers have become quite popular in social media marketing when running influencer programs, as they/we tend to be more niche with our audience and have a higher engagement rate which can lead to more influence.

Brand partnerships can come about through many ways, 1. you can join an influencer network, 2. a brand reaches out to you directly, 3. you are contacted by a Social/PR agency and lastly 4. you reach out to a brand directly (don’t underestimate yourself!).



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The following are things you should consider before saying yes to a brand partnership:


Exclusivity clauses are normally mentioned by the brand upfront or can be hidden within a contract. Make sure you ask if there is an exclusivity clause before signing/agreeing to a collaboration just to be sure! Depending on the brand, campaign and partnership, a brand might want you to agree to an exclusivity clause and not post about a competitor within a specific time frame. This is important because you might have some upcoming partnerships you have to reconsider based on exclusivity clauses and have to turn down future work.

Right Fit

Is the partnership the right fit for your brand and audience and for the brand itself? A common mistake made by new bloggers is not being able to say no to partnerships. I’ve learned to pick and choose based on my audience and their interests as well as brand perception. My goal is to always have a successful campaign for both my blog and the brand. I am not solely agreeing to a partnership based on the price or the free product. It’s important to build trust with your audience and to be authentic.


Does the brand have a good reputation? What do their past influencer programs look like? Is it something you want to be a part of? I’m a member of a couple blogging groups on Facebook and bloggers are always sharing their thoughts on past/current brand partnerships. People are always asking others- have you worked with this brand before? what was it like? It’s so interesting to see/hear what people have experienced in these brand collaborations. Some things people share about partnerships are whether or not the brand contact is responsive, are they someone that’s easy to talk to, is there a delay in payment, etc. Do your research before saying yes!

Know Your Worth

Don’t sell yourself short. Put together a media kit and think about how much you want to charge per post, campaign, etc. Have a number in mind and don’t settle for less. Brands value your influence and the relationship you have built with your audience. Think about what you value and what you’re willing to compromise on. If you think it’s worth it to only get free product because you love the brand, try to comprise something a little extra. What if the brand has a large following? Ask them to commit to a repost! Get creative. I’ve worked with brands in the past where they’ve given me money to promote my posts on social and gain more visibility, which then turned into more blog visits.

Read the Fine Print

If you’re signing a contract, read the fine print. Ask questions! You don’t want to sign something and then regret it and you’re not able to back out of something. Check the timeline to see if it’s feasible, understand the process for payments, ask about exclusivities, check if you’re giving away rights to images/content, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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