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The Difference Between the Real Gucci Belt and the Fake One

Will the real Gucci belt please stand up?

My most read blog post to date is “Is the Gucci Belt Worth the Splurge.” It could be because of the popularity of the belt in the past year or just because of really good SEO keywords LOL.  So what is the difference between the real and fake Gucci belt?  I hope to answer that question below!

Gucci belts have always been around but influencers really made the popular in the last two years. It was until six months ago or so that I found out Amazon sells really good designer dupes (belts in particular). It made me wonder which bloggers had the real belt versus the fake one, not that it matters at all but I was super curious. Some people are super transparent about it, while others buy the fake one and link out to the real one.

To me it doesn’t matter, it just some materialistic thing and it really comes down to deciding whether or not it’s worth the investment. If you read my blog post, I do think that for me the belt is worth the splurge. So much that I have three of them! It’s just something that I wear a lot and the quality is amazing.

I wanted to compare the two belts for y’all so you can see the difference and help you decide if you’re on the fence between which one to buy. You’ll see that they’re pretty similar and from far away you would never know.

The differences are below.

The first difference seen here is the logo. You can tell how the G’s on the fake belt are thicker throughout and the real one has more definition. The fake one also has a slightly larger logo. They’re pretty much the same color though.

As you can see, the fake belt is extra smooth and does not have any stitching. The fake belt is also a little thicker than the real belt.

Obviously you would only see this difference when turning the belt around but the fake one is brown in the back, while the real one is all black leather. You’ll also notice the blunt end on the fake belt, which is the easiest way to tell whether or not the belt is real. The real belt is more rounded and the leather part does not cover the back of the logo.

Here are both of the belts on an outfit. You can really see the differences when they are side by side but it makes it a little harder to tell when they’re not together. Like I said, the main difference is the way the fake belt has the blunt cut at the end and then if you look closely, the holes are a little different.

Overall, minor differences except the actual quality of the Italian leather on the Gucci belt. As you can see, I am wearing the fake Celine initial necklace so I totally don’t have anything against designer dupes! I wear my necklace proudly 🙂

There are certain pieces in my wardrobe where I think the splurge is worth it but other times the dupe is just fine with me. I just wanted to do this blog post and help out those who are curious about the difference and trying to decide whether or not to spend money on this designer item.

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