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I’m baaacckkkk! Oh beautiful Cancun, how I miss you! Logan and I booked this trip to Cancun back in April after we got back from our Honeymoon and I was sad we didn’t have any more trips planned. We were originally going to go to Tulum but we waited too long and had to stay in Cancun since there were more hotel options. We both have been to Cancun multiple times but the last time we went together was 4 years ago.


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a hotel for your stay in Cancun. I did a lot of research as always and was very happy with my pick. We are over the partying phase so we were looking for somewhere that had great food, we could relax and it was adult only.


We were familiar with Paradisus from the Melia hotel group as we got married at Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana earlier this year. What we loved about that hotel was the cleanliness of the rooms, service and amazing food. We had high expectations when we chose this hotel.

We decided to book the Junior Luxury Suite with Ocean View in the Royal Service part of the hotel. Royal service is exactly what it sounds like, royal. It’s obviously more expensive but definitely worth it. Paying this premium gives you recently updated rooms, a personal butler, a separate royal service section that is adult only, and access to certain parts of the hotel including restaurants and services. We did this for our wedding as well and were super happy. While we don’t use the butler as much, it’s super helpful. They can make reservations for you for the hotel restaurants, reserve your own Bali bed by the pool, help you book excursions and much more!

Below is our beautiful room!

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Our view from the room was perfect! We loved watching the sunrise and sunset.

DSC_0907DSC_0913 (1)

The food was delicious and so were the drinks! We loved everything we ate there and never had a bad experience. We also loved having our own Royal Service exclusive restaurant, La Palapa. That’s where we were every time for breakfast and lunch. The menus had so many options and it was a plus being able to enjoy your meal by the ocean. The royal service section of the hotel was so quiet and exclusive and it was everything we wanted.


We would definitely come back to Paradisus Cancun and recommend it to anyone considering visiting Cancun. While my experience was exceptional, I want to share some things they can improve on.

The Royal Service lounge is currently under construction, which they do note tell you that. It didn’t bother us but would’ve been nice to know. Instead there was a smaller lounge in the hallways but they included food from 7am-11pm and had a bar with top shelf liquor.

It was very hard to get reservations to the restaurants at a reasonable time. We normally like to eat anywhere from 7pm-8pm. Our butler kept telling us everything was booked and the only reservations available where at 9 and 9:30pm, which is a tad late! I found it hard to believe as we would always walk past places and we saw so many open seats. We got to eat at all the restaurants we wanted but we just wished there were more openings.

Those are the only two things I want to call out but other than that we had a great experience and were super relaxed! If you do choose to visit, Moses at the Royal Service pool is the best server ever! Super attentive and always keeping our drinks full and with a smile on his face. It was so refreshing to see all the workers really enjoy their job and always with a positive attitude. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!




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