What to Pack in Your Carry On for a Long Flight



Hey guys! Can y’all believe we are in the middle of August already? Where has time gone?! I’m secretly excited for fall though! It’s my favorite season when it comes to clothes- oversized sweaters, Spanx leggings, hats, cardigans, booties, etc.!

You know when I said I was done traveling for the year? Well I lied. Kinda. Totally unplanned but I am going back to Spain next month and I am SUPER excited!! My cousin has been studying for her MBA there since January this year and will finally be coming back home in December. I am so excited to have her back! Well, I definitely wanted to go visit her again and make a cousin trip out of it! I think the last trip we took together just us was when we went to Switzerland and were 15?!

My cousin Pam told me she had a week off in September and I was like say no more, I am there! I booked my flight within a week and found an awesome deal for under $500 roundtrip!! I’m going for 8 days and we are planning to travel somewhere close in Europe, we’re thinking Amalfi coast! That was one of my top choices for our honeymoon, but as you know we decided on Bora Bora and I don’t regret it one bit!


I always make sure I am fully prepared when I am traveling to Europe and I pack all my essentials on my carry on. I like doing overnight flights, but that means once I land I need to be ready to go and take on the day. For that reason, here are my top essentials to pack in a carry on when traveling to Europe.

Carry On_ Travel Essentials

1- Purell Wipes– These are super useful to clean the trays, and hands after using the bathroom

2- USB Charging Cord– A must have! I would die if I forgot this on a flight. Love that this cord comes in the longer option as well and it’s pink 🙂

3- Fast Eye Patches– Swollen eyes and need a pick me up? These are great and super relaxing!

4- Travel Neck Pillow– I forgot this one time and I was so upset. It’s so hard to get comfortable on a flight and this helps a tiny bit!

5- Wireless Headphones– I hate having wires everywhere especially when you get up to go to the bathroom or move around. These are perfect!

6- Mini Tabasco Sauce– Okay, this might sound strange BUT bare with me. The airplane food is the worst! So having some seasoning in your bag totally makes things a little more appetizing. Hot sauce is my go to!

7- Hand Cream– I always get dry skin on flights so this is great!

8- Socks– I always pack socks because my feet get cold and I get less grossed out about touching the plane floor.

9- Slippers– Nothing is better than comfy shoes while traveling, these are awesome because they’re super easy to pack.

10- Make Up Remover Wipes– You’ll definitely need these after a nap on the flight and are trying to freshen up your makeup and clean up.

What are your travel essentials? Share in the comments below!


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