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I’m such a homebody, which is probably one of the reasons I love the holidays. I just love being relaxed at home, watching movies and being with my husband and Teddy. I’m always looking for super soft and warm PJs during the holidays and winter. I love having our place really cold and bundling up at night with two comforters! I know, I’m so weird. Our place is almost always at 65-68 degrees. I’ve been seeing all these people rave about Old Navy Pj’s this year and I decided to check them out. A lot of their stuff online is sold out but they have a lot in store! They’re also a great deal and make for a useful (and last minute) gift. Who doesn’t want PJ’s?! Also, my favorite pro tip- Old Navy and Target always have a great selection in store which is why I like to buy things online and then just pick them up in store. It saves so much time!

My girlfriends and I always get together and do a gift exchange a little after Christmas and last year we had a PJ theme. It’s so nice getting together, drinking wine, while being relaxed in PJs and not all dolled up. Of course I requested we do the same this year and these are perfect!

I’m also so excited we got a real tree this year and hopefully it gets better over the years as we start collecting more ornaments. It gets so expensive! I decided to go for the silver, white and brown color palette and a winter northwoods theme. I love all the little forest creatures and pinecones! Hope everyone has a great Christmas Holiday! My family always celebrates on Christmas Eve with a nice dinner with our close family and on Christmas day we stay at home and open gifts, eat and watch movies by the fireplace. Looking forward to a couple days off and then our upcoming anniversary trip early in the new year! I will be logging off for a bit but can’t wait to write my year in review post for 2017 and look back at all the memories that have been created.



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